Chipotle Anchors New Development in Goose Creek

Chipotle Anchors New Development in Goose Creek

Another national brand has seen the value of opening in Goose Creek. This spring, residents will get a taste of the popular Mexican chain Chipotle as it opens a new location in the City’s Shannon Park development.

Kyle Putnam is president and partner of RealOp Investments, the developer of the 8,000-square-foot retail center that will house Chipotle. RealOp owns the larger, 80,000-square-foot shopping center that’s adjacent to the new development.  “When we make an investment like we did with the larger shopping center, we keep our eyes on what’s happening around it and see how business is going for our tenants,” Putnam said. “The City was phenomenal to work with.”

When his team noticed a growing vibrancy in the area, as well as increased traffic at the intersection of St. James Avenue and Old Moncks Corner where the development is located, the idea of opening in Goose Creek grew even more attractive. To make his development work, Putnam needed more land, and one option was the nearby, City-owned Shannon Park.

The City found a spot nearby that worked perfectly for the park, and worked diligently to remove deed restrictions to make the sale of the land possible.

“Business-friendly is more than a slogan here,” City Economic Development Director Matt Brady said. “We appreciated Mr. Putnam’s needs, and did everything we could to help.”

With the park successfully moved just up the street, the coast was clear for the new project. Construction has already begun on the Chipotle, and the development will also accommodate two other tenants. According to Putnam, several ideas have been tossed around about these additions, including another restaurant.

One thing’s for sure. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the City of Goose Creek and RealOp Investments, residents will have a tasty, new dining spot and their fill of fresh Mexican food favorites in 2021.

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