Why Goose Creek

Welcome to Goose Creek

A Message from Mayor Gregory Habib

“Welcome to a city whose business opportunities are limitless, whose people are its greatest asset, whose future is bright, and whose time has come. I cannot imagine a better place to live – and a better time to live here – than Goose Creek, South Carolina in 2021.”

We’ve Grown A Lot Over The Last 60 Years…And We’re Still At It

Over the past six decades, the City of Goose Creek has transformed from a rural outpost just north of Charleston to the eighth-largest city in the state of SC.

Once a small town associated with the Naval Weapons Station, now Goose Creek is a thriving city full of diverse, young residents who love where they live.

Located in a hotbed of growth between Volvo, Boeing, and Charleston — Goose Creek has capitalized on its growing population without losing its small-town character.

Without the exorbitant living costs and frustrating traffic of Charleston, the City of Goose Creek is a great place to start a business, raise a family, and enjoy the beauty of South Carolina!


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