Fun for All With Goose Creek Recreation

Fun for All With Goose Creek Recreation

On any given day in the City of Goose Creek, moods are improved, friendships cemented, calories burned and stress reduced. It’s all happening at the Michael J. Heitzler Recreation Complex, a thriving hub of activity for youth, families, senior citizens — virtually anyone who wants to get active and improve his or her health.

“Our center is used by 3,000 members each year,” City of Goose Creek Recreation Director T.J. Rostin said.

The complex is comprised of the Community Center and the Activity Center.

In the Community Center, built in 2005, residents take advantage of a weight room, fitness area, indoor track, basketball courts, and climbing wall.

In the Activity Center, built in 2018 and spanning 35,000 square feet, youth and community education programs are offered – classes from painting to line dancing. Rostin calls gymnastics the facility’s most popular program. Young gymnasts of all ages participate in a state-of-the-art gymnastics center built in 2018, which also attracts national competitions.

While not a gymnast, Al Bauer, 79, has taken advantage of the “gym” five times a week for the last 14 years. “It’s a really great place,” said Bauer, who is retired from the Navy. In between reps in the weight-training area, “we talk and tell stories and pick on each other.”

Bauer’s group of training buddies includes several other sailors and Marines. He also takes advantage of the “beautiful, well cared for lake with a half-mile trail around it.” This walk is part of his daily regimen and gives him ample opportunity to snap a few pics of the waterfowl.

Like Bauer, Lisa, and Keith Johnson, along with their kids, Blake (11) and Sarah (9), are frequent participants in all things Goose Creek Rec. Lisa and Keith are both P.E. teachers in a nearby middle school and have coached rec soccer and baseball teams in the Goose Creek program.

“We’ve had a great experience with the Goose Creek rec program,” said Keith, who has coached his son’s t-ball and baseball teams since Blake was four.  “The facilities are great. The ball fields are in tremendous shape. And they’re always adding things like fences and more signage.”

Lisa witnessed tremendous growth in the soccer program with last fall seeing a record number of players. They both describe a thriving rec scene with state-of-the-art workout equipment, basketball courts, and gymnastics. As for their kids, they also love the climbing wall. “It costs a dollar for an hour!” said Lisa. “You can’t beat that.”

From toddlers to octogenarians, the complex has something for everyone. “Our residents are pretty happy in terms of recreational programming,” Rostin said.

Jumpstart a new lifestyle filled with family fun and physical activity in Goose Creek, South Carolina!

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